President’s Message

Where Were You in 1961?

Since this year marks our chapter’s 55th anniversary, I’ve been giving some thought to what the world looked like for our members back at the beginning. While our chapter founders were busy putting the finishing touches on their first meeting agenda, I was busy perfecting my first wobbly steps as a toddler. For many of our youngest members, it’s almost unimaginable for them to envision a world before smart phones, 4G networks and internet shopping sprees.



Let’s take a moment and journey back in time to 1961 to see what the world was like:

  • John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as the 35th President of the United States
  • The cost of a gallon of gas averaged $.27
  • Alan B. Shepard became the first American in space
  • The Peace Corps was established
  • John Wayne, Doris Day, Elizabeth Taylor, and Richard Burton were top box office draws
  • The Supremes were signed by Motown records
  • Elvis Presley’s classic “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” hit #1
  • Best Picture of the Year was West Side Story
  • Candid Camera, Bonanza, and Perry Mason were part of the top 10 TV hits


To all those who have gone before, who had the vision to create and nurture this great organization, we honor and cherish your contributions in blazing the path. To all those who have joined along the way, thank you for continuing to sustain and expand the opportunities available to those in our profession. And finally, for those who will join us sometime in the next 50 years, may you find the passion and inspiration to continue leading us to the wonderful new opportunities that the future will inevitably bring.


Congratulations AFWA Orange County Chapter on achieving this amazing 55-year milestone!

Karen Espinoza McGarrigle