Raffle Item Sponsor:  One raffle item ($40 + value)

⦁ recognition of the prizes flyer

⦁ recognition at the event


Gold Level Sponsor:  $150

⦁ the donor’s logo on all event flyers

⦁ the donor’s logo on the AFWA OC website with link

⦁ recognition at the event and on social media

⦁ free entry to the event for one person

⦁ two minutes of dedicated time to speak at the event


Platinum Level Sponsor:  $300

⦁ All the benefits of the Gold Level Sponsor

⦁ 5 minutes of dedicated time to speak (instead of 2)

⦁ Free entry to the event for 2 people (instead of 1)

⦁ 2 drink tickets⦁ Ability to bring a banner for the front entrance

⦁ Ability to be the designated door greeter (if desired)


The sponsorship program applies to all events other than the 

Community Relations Dinner




To pay with a credit card or your paypal account:


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