“Affordable Health Care Act” 

Are you comfortable with your current healthcare? Have you tried to see a doctor lately? Was the experience what you expected? Come & hear Inhee talk about the changes that will affect you and/or your small business clients.

Inhee picture

With Inhee Carter 

Financial Advisor & Insurance Agent

Inhee Carter is very knowledgeable about putting together the information you need regarding the topic of current health care questions or any other of your insurance needs.


This was the most informative event yet that I have attended for the changes in the Affordable care Act. Inhee and her adviser were so knowledgeable on all the ins/outs on healthcare and insurance. It was much more than I had ever known about this subject in the past.  There is a lot to navigate as a small business these days when it comes to healthcare and insurance.   Inhee Carter is an asset to any business wanting to understand and interpret all the rules that go along with health insurance.

We had a wonderful dinner and we were able to celebrate our oldest member, Donna Bernbrock’s 80th birthday.

Jan dinner - birthday celebration

It was a wonderful event that all enjoyed.

Karen Espinoza

Director of Communications